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Submitted by admin on 6 May 2018

Yam is confused with sweet potato, especially in the United States, frankly speaking sweet potato and yam are totally two different types of ground provision. The confusion started in the 1930s when farmers introduced a very sweet, orange-fleshed sweet potato and called it 'The Louisiana Yam'. Yam is from Africa while sweet potato is from South America.
Roasted yam is popular in Jamaica, and goes well with jerked pork, roasted salt fish (cod fish) or any other meat of your choice. Yam is also used to make various dishes and drinks, including; casserole and wine. Roasting yam I considered to be very technical because at the end of the roasting process yam should not be burnt, and it should be well- cooked throughout


How to roast yam
Make a fire  using charcoal. The yam is then put on the coal for about 40-45 minutes; turning every 10 minutes or so. After the yam is well-roasted use a sharp knife to scrape off the skin.